We are leading experts in specialty packing, crating and shipping. We offer our business to both consumers and business to protect their assets with our unique range of service. Texas Crating & Packing main objective is for your product to get there damage free, and on time. We apply our proven expertise to each and every shipment. Our team of experts evaluate your product, mode of transport, handling, shock and vibration, and origin and destination requirements before we begin the design and build process. “We are a full logistics provider” We specialize in packing of commercial, government and overseas shipping containers. From bulk produce lines to single item crating, you’ll receive fast, courteous service along with our outstanding reputation for quality.


Crating a variety of cargo ranging from small art pieces to large petrochemical plan heat exchangers requires the expertise of a team to design and implement custom crating solutions to maximize cargo space within a vessel, aircraft, or truck. Each piece of freight is carefully packed and crated to meet or exceed shipping requirements while taking in mind dimensions and weigh to help alleviate higher shipping charges.


Packing small artefacts such as antiques, art, or even small spare parts for various industries need special attention as to help cargo not get lost or damaged in transport. Paying close attention to detail we can help assure adequate and proper packing on any sort of freight which may be encountered in our facility or on the field.


The entire team at Texas Crating & Packing is well experienced in their roles and have plenty of training in their roles to assure the best possible outcome in their roles and thus providing a superior service to our customers, which they have become accustomed to.